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Fighting endlessly? Getting into major blow ups? Missing the old warmth and affection? Don´t wait until it´s too late. I can help you to get out of the negative patterns you´re stuck in and rediscover the love and passion you once had. I have over 30 years of experience helping couples to communicate better, resolve conflict productively, and renew their love.

As a couples and marriage therapist, I have found that couples get stuck in certain patterns with each other. Your reaction to a certain interaction will provoke a reaction in your partner and their reaction will provoke another reaction in you. This pattern of reaction and counter-reaction often becomes repetitive and plays itself out regardless of what you´re talking about. I can help you to see how you´re reacting back and forth or “dancing” emotionally with each other. Once you see the dance, and what´s being triggered between you, you´ll be better able to handle and eventually change it.

In counseling, I try to help you identify and put language to how you´re feeling towards your partner. Not every feeling that you or your partner has will be legitimate or appropriate.We all overreact at times. But I don´t believe that it´s possible largely to figure out if you´re overreacting in your head. You largely have to feel a feeling-express it, sit with it, marinate in it, go through it- to figure out if it´s grounded in reality or an overreaction due to your childhood issues (which we also all have to some extent). I try to create safety in my room so that you can be a little more open, transparent and authentic with each other and see if that leads to better communication and connection.

I offer the following services in New York City (Manhattan and Brooklyn): pre-marital counseling, couples therapy, marriage counseling, family therapy, relationship counseling, and individual therapy. Please feel free to call or email me if you´d like to talk about my services. You can also set up an appointment directly through this web site or at the following link:

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