It’s All About Your Emotional Connection

Hold Me Tight Love demands the reassurance of touch. Most fights are really protests over emotional disconnection. Underneath the distress, partners are desperate to know: Are you there for me? Where I grew  up, there was always a lot of drama. And all the drama—fights, flirting, tears, tantrums—revolved around love. I also watched my parents […]

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Healing from Infidelity

Life certainly has its challenges, but little compares to the monumental task of healing from infidelity. As a marriage therapist for three decades, I’ve heard countless clients confess that the discovery of an affair was the lowest, darkest moment of their entire lives. And because affairs shatter trust, many seriously contemplate ending their marriages. However, […]

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The #1 Predictor of Divorce

The number one predictor of divorce is the habitual avoidance of conflict. And what’s sad is the reason we avoid conflict is because we believe it will cause divorce. It’s like the cartoon where the couple explains to the marriage counselor, “We never talk anymore. We figured out that’s when we have all our fights.” […]

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